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Performing for dancers and learning to perform... - UK Bellydance Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Performing for dancers and learning to perform... [Oct. 21st, 2007|07:14 pm]
UK Bellydance Community


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So yesterday was the Evening of Eastern Dance at City Limits, and it was immense fun!

There were little taster sessions for bellydance, bollywood and bangra. For each dance style we were shown a few basic moves then these were all strung together into a sort of mini-choreography to a simple piece of music typical of the dance style.

I have to say that I'm glad I picked bellydance when I decided on a dance style to learn! Both bollywood and bangra look way too energetic to me! Too much jumping about! I did like a lot of the bollowood hand and arm movements though, and I noticed that bellydance/bollywood fusion looks a lot like khaleegee...

Nisha, who organised the whole thing, lead several of her dance classes through various choreographies for each type of dance, and one or 2 fusion pieces too. There were also a few other local teachers or classes performing, we were one of these groups! We performed the So-Ya-So choreography, and although I did almost forget the extended final chorus and started to shoulder shimmy rather than figure-8, I remembered in time, and nearly everyone else made exactly the same mistake including Cis!!!, so it probably looked like it was deliberate!

Performing in front of other dancers is very different from performing for a crowd of non-dancers. You really feel that every move must be executed perfectly because other dancers know what they're watching and can tell if you didn't get it right! Still, I think we did rather well :)

Today I had my usual Sunday morning class with Candi - 1 hour technique plus 1 hour choreography - and it was fun and rather energetic as usual. Then I got to go home for about an hour, have a quick bite to eat, then back out again for an hour and a half of advanced level dance class with Candi!

I was a bit nervous about this as I'd be going with people who have been dancing for years, and I've been dancing about 15 months. However I figured that as long as I didn't get totally lost then a class that stretches me will be a good thing.

We covered a lot of upper-body and arm technique, which is good, because I'm well aware that my arms are sloppy - actually I tend to forget that I even have arms when I'm dancing! Then we went thorugh a Beladi piece, learning how to dance to the different sections that are always present in one form or another in beladi music - the slow taqsim at the start, used to introduce yourself to the audience, the question/answer section where you alternate between following the flowing sounds of the accordion or oud and the sharp accented beat of the drum, the 'dancy bit' where you just get to dance and enjoy the music, then the 'race to the finish' where you try to keep up with the music as it builds and speeds up towards a grand finale!

Lots of fun! I feel that I did keep up and I feel that I will benefit from these classes. I'm rather upset that I won't be able to make next weeks class as I'll be in Whitby.

That's it for now... off out for pasta to get back my energy after what has been a weekend almost as dance-intensive as last weekend at JoY!

[User Picture]From: ju_bear
2007-10-21 07:57 pm (UTC)
It was a good night! :D Yes Bollywood and Bhangra is really energetic but such a laugh. Although am not too keen that we had to wait so long to perform since I got abit restless and started to feel more and more butterflies as time went by.

Oh and the link in my page for you doesn't seem to link to the product I wanted you to see. So I have put in edit in the post to let you know to look under Accessories for henna kits. :D I wasn't suggesting you buy everything in that site like Krissy thought I was trying to say. :p
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